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Being Human: A Liberating Perspective on Life and Mission

Two lectures given by Jerram Barrs on mission.

Being Human pt.1

Being Human pt.2 (incl. Q&A)

Note: The quality of these recordings is not very clear. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Summer School 2015 Resources

Following Jesus into the World – Jerram Barrs

Introduction Evening

Talk 1 – Zacchaeus

Talk 2 – Samaritan Woman

Talk 3 – Rich Young Ruler

Talk 4 – True Holiness

Talk 5 – A Timely Challenge

Summer School 2014 Resources

Rooted – Jason Curtis 

Talk 1 – Rooted in Christ

Talk 2 – Rooted in Truth: Jesus at the Centre

Talk 3 – Rooted in Truth: Justification

Talk 4 – Rooted in the Word

Talk 5 – Being Priests in Prayer

Faith for Life 2013 Resources

Jerram Barrs Speaking on Faith and Vocation 

Talk 1 – Dignity and Dominion: The Human Calling as Sub-creators

Talk 2 – Thorns and Thistles: The Frustration of Work

Talk 3 – From Toil to Joy: The Redemption and Consummation of Work


Talk 4 – To Glorify God and Enjoy Him in the 9-5

Summer School 2013 Resources

Jerram Barrs Speaking on Holiness

Talk 1 

Talk 2

Talk 3 

Talk 4 

Talk 5 

Talk 6

Talk 7 

Talk 8 


Summer School 2012 Resources

Hans Bayer Speaking on Acts, “The Unstoppable Gospel.”

Talk 1 – The Unstoppable Gospel

Talk 2 – External Opposition

Talk 3 – Internal Tensions

Talk 4 – External Growth 

Talk 5 – Internal Maturity


Os Guinness Plenary Sessions

Talk 1 – Standing Fast in Faith in the Global Era

Talk 2 – Finding and Fulfillin the Purpose of Your Life

Talk 3 – Creative Persuasion

Talk 4 – Challenging the Darkness: Towards a New Christian Renaissance in Our Time

Summer School 2011 Resources

Jerram Barrs Speaking on Biblical Spirituality 

Talk 1 – Biblical Spirituality

Talk 2 – Living by Faith

Talk 3 – The Imitation of Christ

Q&A on The Imitation of Christ

Talk 4 – The Grace of Law

Q&A on The Grace of Law

Talk 5 – An Even Greater Kindness

Q&A on An Even Greater Kindness

Talk on Suffering

Extra Plenary Sessions

Pete Dowse – The Vital Importance of Disciplemaking for the Church

David Robertson – Give me Scotland or I Die! 

Summer School 2010 Resources

Hans Bayer speaking on Discipleship in Marks Gospel

A series of talks looking at how Jesus trained his disciples through the Gospel of Mark.

Talk 1 – Introduction

Talk 2 – Creating a Double Crisis

Talk 3 – Surrender

Talk 4 – Believe and Trust

Talk 5 – Watch Over Your Heart

Talk 6 – Forgiveness